Lease Administration

Lease administration requires accurate and organized records to ensure all lease issues are properly documented. Lease files are established using the lease and related correspondence for each site by entering the information into Excel and our electronic calendar, this ensures that rent bumps are anticipated, pass through billings are reviewed and notification dates are met. As issues arise with the tenants, leases and related documentation is reviewed to ensure all parties are properly abiding by their agreement.

Owner’s Representative for Tenant Relations & Problem Resolution

Communication is a key element of building and maintaining a collaborative relationship with tenants. Land of Lincoln Property Management solicits feedback from tenants; which provides a basis of understanding between the tenant and the manager. The property manager for Land of Lincoln Property Management understands the importance of providing a quick and accurate response to the tenant’s needs.

Lease Enforcement

Lease enforcement ensures accurate lease abstracting, record keeping and accounting. The administration process monitors compliance of the terms and conditions identified in the lease. If the lease terms are not being met, then the enforcement provisions identified in the lease are enacted in accordance with client/owner direction. Land of Lincoln Property Management takes a strict approach to enforcing the terms of a lease and expects to be held to the same accountability standards in fulfilling the landlord’s expectations. 

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