Maintenance Services

24 Hour Emergency Response Participation
Property managers are on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergency situations. Daytime emergencies are routed to the property manager or the management office. Nighttime emergencies are directed to the property manager’s cell phone. For major emergencies, larger buildings or critical sites, written emergency plans are created and followed.

Competitive Bidding Oversight for Vendor Contracts and Construction Projects
Typically, small jobs are not reduced to formal RFP formatting, the scope of work is sent to interested and qualified bidders then bids are evaluated on merit when received. A more formal RFP is created for larger jobs with a detailed scope of work and timeline for completion. In the case of major work of highly technical nature, a specialized consultant may be retained to review the project and prepare the RFP under the guidance of Land of Lincoln Property Management.

Vendor and Contractor Liaison
Being a third-party contractor management company, the “liaison” role is typical for Land of Lincoln Property Management. Coordinating vendors, controlling the bid process and supervising construction & maintenance companies are a standard assignment for the company. The large portfolio currently listed with Land of Lincoln Property Management allows the company to have significant pull with vendors and contractors who are very interested in securing and maintaining contracts with the company. Having preferred vendors may lead to cost savings; these savings are then passed on to the owner.

Property Inspections to Ensure and Maintain Quality
The number of property inspections per month is based on the client’s need. Property inspections are used to identify maintenance needs, lighting repairs/replacement, landscaping maintenance needs, janitorial service needs, etc. The property manager then performs a visual inspection of the mechanicals to ensure they are functioning properly. In addition, this walk is used to identify water leaks whether it is for the roof, pipes or anything of the like. This is also a good time to walk with vendors when jobs are completed to confirm the job specifications were completed as stated in the vendor’s contract.

Contract Administration
When reviewing contracts it is necessary to create a database for the job specifications, however sometimes a more in depth review is needed to understand the merit of the contract. A proper review requires an understanding of the terms and conditions of each agreement, an evaluation of the related work and a discussion with the contractor to potentially redefine the scope of work, which ensures proper bidding of the assignment.

Preventative Maintenance Support Services
Service and equipment contracts are often technical and must be in compliance with manufacturer’s specifications. While working with experienced vendors or with specialized consultants, a scope of service is identified and bids are solicited from qualified contractors. Bid approval is sought based upon the equipment payback analysis (if one has been performed for the equipment) or by identifying the relative strengths and weaknesses of vendor responses to the bid process. Naturally, cost is a factor but the ability of equipment to properly perform is even more critical. So while the low bidder is typically preferred, it is not necessarily the bid recommended.

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